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WARNING: This game contains gore and other imagery that some may find disturbing. This game was made for the 3rd Horror Jam in on-and-off development for 10 days. It will be scuffed, but I plan on updating it once I've gotten other things sorted. Thanks for understanding.



LMB Interact/Advance Dialogue

RMB Zoom

P - Pause Game [Only usable in game]


In 1965, NASA launched three men into space with the goal of those men being the first humans to ever explore the moon. Once they launched, the mission seemed to be going great. People on earth cheered the men on... until it all went quiet. What happened to those men in the deep, dark isolation of space? They may have found an answer...


This game is a very short walking (or floating) simulator that is more of a concept or prototype than a polished game. The gameplay consists of moving through a dark, quiet station deep in space. Use the lack of gravity and your camcorder to capture the final moments of the crew.


So, this "game" was incredibly rushed in the final hours of the jam submission period. I started working on this game a couple days after the jam started and development was sort of on-and-off throughout the 10 days. Expect this game to have some bugs, UI and visual issues, etc. I'm also aware that the game is insanely short and lacks some narrative depth. Trust me, there are many themes, concepts, ideas and mechanics I would have loved to try out if I had more time. This will have to do for now though. After pulling my hair out trying to get the game working with Unity's confusing aspect ratio and resolution options, I just had to get it uploaded. Hope you enjoy regardless!


Astronaut 3D Model By VISBYTE

All sound effects are from ZapSplat and FreeSound.

Updated 21 days ago
Published 23 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Horror, Short, Singleplayer, Space, Unity


Horror Jam 3 - Space [PC].zip 87 MB


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good game. actually nice work with outsoursed assets, didn't even guessed it by beggining. my rate 8/10



Cool video, thanks for playing.


Very cool and short Amogus vibe game, But there's a Audio trigger that can be played multiple times before the great reveal, Overall great game :Thumbsup:

Thanks for the feedback. I think I know which audio trigger you mean. I believe I had it fixed in the final build, but if that Isn't the case I'll be sure to go back and fix that.


Great short horror game, and congrats on winning the horror jam.


Really fun game, I liked the subtle scares, good work :)


Good gameplay, thanks for playing!


This game was amazing. Seems like a mix between The Thing and LIFE. Tension was really good and the climax at the end was REALLY hard to look away from. Fantastic job.

I made a video on your game if you would like to give it a watch :)

Cool video. Glad you had fun with it.


Kind of a weird experience but I like the idea behind the found footage and the alien parasite.

Glad you liked the game, thanks for the feedback.


Though the experience was short, it was executed really well. It represents the cold quiet emptiness of space brilliantly and the dread inside the spaceship gave me chills. This has potential to become a fully fledged game and I hope the developer will add more. Well done, dev!



Really appreciate the feedback, great video btw.

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Comments below clip;

Isolation, in itself, is a solid foundation to feel pretty lonely as a player. A person slowly immersing deeper and deeper into the morass of insanity, when more and more signs of something being amiss, of being very wrong, become clearer with every move forward.

Enjoyed play it. Thanks for making it. Kudos to all involved.

Appreciate it, man. Good video!


The game was great creepy and the sounds were great :) Thank you for make it.

Thanks for the feedback, good video.


Fun indie horror game, LOVED flying around the zero-gravity ship. Interesting setup, with a cool projector sequence at the start followed by the usual creepy atmosphere and jumpscares - only complaint being this feels more like a prototype rather than a game but the Dev seems aware of that and I look forward to seeing future updates! 

Check out some Gameplay: 


Great video, I appreciate the feedback.


Despite how short the game is, I really had fun with it! It really left me hungry for more though! Thanks for your efforts Dev! You can check out my experience below should you wish! 😊

Awesome to see you had fun with it. Despite the pressure and constraints of making this in under two weeks, I still had a lot of fun with it. So I would say it's likely that I will revisit this project/concept in the future.


That's awesome to hear! The game has so much potential it'd be a crime not to build off it. Ill drop a follow so I can keep tabs 😁


Short but pretty decent. Liked the story. Made a video on it.


Good video! Thanks for playing.


nice short spooky sci fi

Thanks for playing.


wow amazing game thank you 

Awesome video, thanks for playing.